New Drivers

You are classed as a ‘new driver’ for the first two years after passing your driving test. This is known as a ‘precautionary period’, or some may call it a ‘probationary period’.

Should you receive 6 or more penalty points within this period the DVLA will revoke your driving licence. They will ask you to retake your driving test including theory test.

This is not a demand issued by the Courts, but by the DVLA upon having points endorsed on your driving licence and therefore the Court do not have a part to play in this outcome.

There are ways in which we can help. In certain circumstances a Special Reasons Argument may be available to you for an offence. This means the Court can use its discretion and not endorse your licence with penalty points.

For any offence which puts a new driver at risk of penalty points, the Court can also instead impose a discretionary disqualification. This is a short discretionary disqualification, usually as short as a few weeks. After the ban your driving privileges will be restored. You do not have to reapply for your driving licence or retake a driving test. However, there must be grounds on which we can base an argument to persuade the Court to consider this option.

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They were a pleasure dealing with as they clearly discussed different options available to me at the time and any consequences which may affect me. I couldn’t have asked for anything else. If you or any other family members need a helping hand I would honestly recommend Turner and White Solicitors”.
NEW DRIVERS Motor Offence Advice
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I am overwhelmed with the outcome of my case as I managed to keep hold of my license. Thanks for considering my circumstances and for the honest advice as I was not judged at all. I realize it was the best decision that I have ever made”.
NEW DRIVERS Motor Offence Advice
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NEW DRIVERS Motor Offence Advice
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