Speeding is often cited as one of the most common traffic offences in the UK, with thousands of spending fines issued each year. Although it is clear why speeding fines are an issue, not everyone will be aware of how much the fines are, and what other consequences there can be should a driver be caught speeding.

In general, drivers will be split into three bands when caught speeding, which is broken down as follows.

·         BAND A: 3 points and a fine of 50% of your relevant weekly income.

·         BAND B: 4-6 points or 7-28 days disqualification and a fine of 100% of your relevant weekly income.

·         BAND C: 6 points or 7-56 days disqualification and a fine of 150% of your relevant weekly income.

The band you are in is down to the speed in which you were caught speeding.

Drivers caught speeding that accumulate 12 or more points in any three-year period will be facing a driving disqualification, this is commonly called a ‘totting’ disqualification due to ‘totting up’ 12 or more penalty points. Should you be subject to the ‘totting’ provisions this would mean you are at risk of a minimum 6-month ‘totting’ ban.

Can Being Caught Speeding Result in a Driving Ban?

When caught speeding, those that are travelling at a ‘grossly excessive’ speed, could find that magistrates may impose a ‘discretionary’ driving ban. They do this as they have a duty to protect the public at large due to the excessive speed, however, there are no hard and fast rules in relation to this.

Of course, drivers who are caught speeding may have mitigating circumstances. Reasons as to why a speeding offence has been committed and may even be able to dispute an alleged speeding offence. These may include incorrect or obscured signs, faulty speed recording equipment or even being able to prove that you weren’t the person driving the car when the speeding offence took place.

Disputing a speeding offence can often be daunting and indeed difficult, however it is often apparently rather quickly if there are grounds for a defence, such as a genuine emergency, or where it is going to be better offering mitigation to the Court to persuade them to sentence in a way which will favour the offender.

Is There Any Leeway in Relation to Speeding?

Drivers often assume that they are able to travel 10% above the limit, and while there is guidance from ACPO/NPCC, this says police officer can allow for this, it as their own discretion.

As such, it shouldn’t be assumed that you can exceed the speed limit, the only sure-fire of avoiding spending penalty is to ensure that the speed limit is always adhered to.

What to Do If You Feel a Speeding Fine Has Been Issued incorrectly?

Despite the best intentions of police, there can be a time when speeding fines are issued incorrectly. Should this be the case, then it’s important to seek out professional legal assistance as soon as possible.

Turner White Solicitors understands that a spending offence isn’t as always as straightforward as it seems and we ensure that we offer clear advice and clear concise steps that can be taken in relation to your spending fine.

Trying to represent yourself and voice your mitigation or special circumstances can sometimes fall on deaf ears, whereas we as legal professionals will be able to present your case concisely that clearly outlines the true nature of the offence and your circumstances.


If you’ve recently been subjected to a speeding fine and are looking for some advice as to what to do next, then why not get in touch with Turner White Solicitors to discuss you speeding fine in more detail. 



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